“I firmly believe that the arts can assist in addressing a number of difficult and pressing policy challenges including ageing, long-term conditions, loneliness and mental health. The arts can help keep us well and be part of creating a healthy society. The time has come to recognise the powerful contribution they can make to our health and wellbeing.” Lord Howarth of Newport

Bristol Arts on Referral Alliance

Exhibition viewing: Bristol Arts on Referral Alliance from 5.00 pm - 6.30pm

City Hall Vestibules (entrances outside on College Green)

Launch of BARA (Bristol Arts on Referral Alliance)

An exhibition of visual artwork produced by participants of Arts on Referral programmes across the city; and CROWD - a newly devised art installation to be shown and developed across Bristol. Crowd (funded by Bristol City Council Creative Seed Fund) is a participatory art project working with people with poor mental health in areas of greatest inequality and deprivation. Prior to the exhibition, individuals will create life-size figures of themselves, friends, family and pets.  During the exhibition people will be able to interact and have fun creating and adding their own portraits to the installation and becoming part of the Crowd.